May 28, 2020

"Future Winding" goes worldwide thanks to UL certification

BLOCK’s in-house designed Future Winding technology is taking performance optimization of inductive winding products into a new dimension. The extraordinary variability in the design of the winding structure comes with a number of benefits for winding products, such as an optimal cooling effect and minimal proximity losses.

The UL certification of the Future Winding LR3 line reactor series ensures that BLOCK has greater access to the North American market. With UL 508 Listed approval, the innovative line reactors can be used in UL508A control cabinets without additional installation requirements. The LR3-AE series comprises the inductances for 4%-uk / 400 Vac common in Europe and the 3%- and 5%-uk for 480 Vac used in the North American market; current range from 63 - 900 A.

Customized solutions can also be provided directly with a UL mark by means of the additional Recognized approval according to UL 5085. This results in a considerable reduction of project times and costs.

"This is important for all future OEM developments, where we are allowed to apply the cURus mark to products without further UL testing, provided that the maximum core performance per core size and design conditions defined in this project are met," says BLOCK Managing Director Udo L. Thiel with satisfaction.


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