As a quality-conscious project partner, we accompany you in the development process from prototyping to serial delivery. Our implementation capabilities are as complex as they are diverse because even within serial production, we test comprehensive values such as low stray inductance values <2µH and <5% deviation between stray inductance values of multiple output windings or conduct partial discharge tests. Furthermore, we use finishing processes such as vacuum impregnation or full vacuum encapsulation. We also offer secure designs for high-voltage applications with output voltages of up to 30 kV.


Ferrite and powder cores in all shapes and materials
Electrical conductors from 0.05 mm single wire to foil or fine high-frequency litz wire
Vacuum full encapsulation for reduced air and creepage distances
Various encapsulation materials for applications such as high voltage up to 20 kV or high thermal conductivity
THD, SMD, or custom connection options
RoHS & REACH compliant construction


For 1–4-phase current-compensated toroidal reactors for PCB assembly up to 100 A and for 100 mH, highly permeable ferrite toroidal cores or nanocrystalline wound cores are used depending on the application.


For very large currents of up to 200 A, with a simultaneously large DC component, a low-capacitance edgewise winding technology is used at BLOCK for the production of customer-specific ferrite storage reactors. At high frequencies with a high DC component, HF stranded wire is used.


BLOCK uses special design technologies for very high currents in customer applications for power transformers for printed circuit boards. If required, the drafting of special coil bodies and housings is possible.


Upon request, we can deliver a class B UL insulation system for 130°C or class F for 155°C.