We have been developing and producing transformers in accordance with European and American standards for more than 80 years. Our transformers are subject to 100% testing and experience quality from a single source at all stages of production. This makes us a reliable partner with the highest quality standards.


Our customers’ application areas are extremely varied, which is why we provide transformers in a wide range of designs. We provide expert advice on the use of BLOCK standard transformers or customer-specific configurations. Whether for serial production or specific applications, we deliver transformers that are perfect for any customer requirement, irrespective of the quantity required.


Sometimes a quick solution is needed, e.g. with a system outage or for changes at short notice. At times like these, it helps to have a wide standard range available from the warehouse. Our Development Center and production facility at our headquarters give us the flexibility we need to act on customer projects in order to ensure comprehensive planning. 

Particularly interesting:

Particularly interesting:

The new push-in terminals enable simplified wiring using wiring robots and thus represent a further step towards automation in control cabinet construction.

The innovative strength here lies in the simple – so uncomplicated in handling that one would not want to miss this new type of terminal. Our world innovation for the transformer market. Because it has never been easier to wire your transformer and integrate it into your application.

We will develop and design your own individual product solution to meet your specific requirements - tested, certified, and ready for immediate use.

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