March 31, 2021

Product Designer Jessica Grollmisch is best in the state

Jessica Grollmisch recently completed her three-and-a-half-year training at BLOCK as a Technical Product Designer specializing in product design and construction with double honors. Now permanently employed at BLOCK, she was recognized for her outstanding examination performance by the Stade Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) and the Lower Saxony CCI.

Jessica Grollmisch (center), Heiner Koopmann, Training Manager at BLOCK (right), Tobias Kirschke, General Manager Human Resources BLOCK (left).

At the end of last year, Jessica Grollmisch already received an award from the Stade CCI as one of the best in her year in the commercial and industrial/technical professions for the Elbe-Weser region. This was followed by the next highest award as best in the state. The Lower Saxony CCI honored her for her outstanding final performance as the best in her profession in the whole state. A great achievement for the 23-year-old from Rotenburg and a success that many trainees dream of. 

In previous years, the honor was celebrated on a grand scale. In 2021, the pandemic situation meant that the honor had to take place on a much smaller scale. Nevertheless, the respect and recognition for this extraordinary achievement undoubtedly remain just as great. At BLOCK, the certificate was presented to Jessica Grollmisch by Mr. Dirk Immken from the Lower Saxony CCI in the presence of BLOCK’s CEO Wolfgang Reichelt and Training Manager Heiner Koopmann. The goal of the event was achieved even under these circumstances: it rained congratulations from those present and produced a proud certificate holder.

Jessica Grollmisch expressed special thanks to her trainers Heiner Koopmann and Dietmar Zeffler for their support and very good preparation for the final exams, which would not be available elsewhere. "Also numerous uplifting conversations with trusted colleagues helped me a lot and motivated me beyond measure," says Grollmisch gratefully. She said she really enjoyed her training at BLOCK, the work was varied and there was excellent preparation for the job. And although it was not really her thing to be proud of herself, in the end she was. 

Wolfgang Reichelt congratulated Jessica Grollmisch personally and is impressed by such an outstanding achievement. "This shows us once again that the dual training system is the optimal solution for us to adequately combine theory and practice. Currently, we employ more than 50 young people who are undergoing training or dual studies with us at the company. We place a strong emphasis on promoting our junior staff, because they are our future," our boss told the Lower Saxony CCI. We are proud to be one of the largest employers in the Verden region with 800 employees worldwide. Every year, we offer a wide variety of commercial and industrial apprenticeships and are excited to be able to accompany the training path of many young people.




"The future holds exciting challenges for us. Our technologies are more than capable of meeting these challenges – nevertheless, we are curious to see what topics will influence the development of our products in addition to efficiency and sustainability," our CEO Wolfgang Reichelt opens Hannover Messe 2024.


BLOCK Electronics Kunshan has become a permanent fixture as an exhibitor at the CCMT industrial trade fair in Shanghai. During the visit of the German management, the further strategic direction and the next stages of expansion were decided.