April 30, 2018

Hannover Messe 2018

BLOCK’s Future Winding Technology opens up new dimensions in the optimization of inductive coiled product performance

We invite you to join us in thinking in new dimensions at the Hannover Messe. Enhance your system with BLOCK's range of innovations for transformers, power supplies, and power quality. The Future Winding technology constructed in-house enables a new dimension of performance optimization for inductive coiled products.  The exceptional variability in the design of the winding structure enables a wide variety of advantages for the coiled product:

exceptional heat dissipation achieved by our new winding technology
Low losses
reduced proximity effect due to optimized winding structure
BLOCK winding technology allows free geometrical shaping
Long life
maximum reliability with a minimum of insulation materials
Potential control
controllable field distribution for low partial discharge
High current density
highest current densities achievable due to expanded winding surface



24 V / 40 A USV - Availability at a new level

The new 40 A uninterruptible power supplies guarantees the reliable availability of systems critical to safety in cases of power failure. Battery-supported or with capacitive energy storage, the system secures 12 V, 24 V, and 48 V systems.

Battery-powered UPS:

• Suitable for 24 V and 12 V applications
• Rapid availability thanks to 5 A charging current
• Start-up from the battery, even without mains power.
• Parameterization via USB interface or via rotary switch

Capacitive UPS:

• Expandable by capacity modules
• High power density
• Minimal maintenance due to long life of the ultra-capacitors
• Parameterization via USB interface or via rotary switch

TOGA - Unbox your ideas

TOGA is more than a transformer housing for up to 450 VA. Integrable additional functions such as an intelligent app interface and IO-Link communication facilitate smart monitoring and control of current, voltage and temperature. Create new ideas - TOGA will make space for this.




"The future holds exciting challenges for us. Our technologies are more than capable of meeting these challenges – nevertheless, we are curious to see what topics will influence the development of our products in addition to efficiency and sustainability," our CEO Wolfgang Reichelt opens Hannover Messe 2024.


BLOCK Electronics Kunshan has become a permanent fixture as an exhibitor at the CCMT industrial trade fair in Shanghai. During the visit of the German management, the further strategic direction and the next stages of expansion were decided.