TT3 NEO - A component for quality journalism "on water"

The Office of the Federal President, the Federal Chancellery and the Parliament: the most important government buildings in Berlin are connected by the water of the river Spree. Since 2020, this liquid connection is carrying the editorial ship "Pioneer One". Together with the LUX shipyard in Niederkassel, the editorial team of mediapioneer has been working on this project from the first planning sketches in August 2018 until the launch this spring.

The head office of the Berlin editorial office is now moving emission-free on the Spree. The ship is also accessible to readers, and TV transmission facilities and a podcast studio are on board as well. Live broadcasts and event formats with up to 100 participants can be easily implemented on the 131 feet long, 23 feet wide and over 2,153 square feet of space of the Pioneer One. Thanks to its technical specifications, the ship is designed for daily use on the Spree and all inland waterways. The electrical drive system ensures low-emission and silent movement.

Our isolating transformer TT3 NEO finds an extremely unusual operation area here. This transformer is one of the largest type of transformers manufactured by BLOCK. It is usually installed in production halls for controlling large machines. The Pioneer One is not only the first editorial ship in Germany, but also the first ship in which the TT3-A160-4040-0 is used.

The TT3 NEO operates with galvanic isolation between the windings, which provides ideal protection, especially in high power ranges from 10 kVA to 1 MVA. The innovative winding architecture enables the heat loss generated during operation to be dissipated evenly, thus optimizing the cooling of the isolating transformer. This feature, combined with its highly economical characteristics, allows the TT3 NEO to be used on board Pioneer One as a link between generators and the rest of the on-board electronics.


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