October 29, 2019

BLOCK apprentice picks up award

Apprentice Lena Spehling, who has now completed her training, has been recognized for outstanding performance in her technical product design examinations by the chambers of commerce and industry for Stade and Lower Saxony. The President (Gert Stuke, right) and the Managing Director (Dr. Thomas Hildebrandt, left) of the Lower Saxony chamber of commerce and industry were keen to pass on their congratulations.

There is no doubt that all apprentices want to complete their training with a “very good” rating. This is what 23-year-old Lena Spehling from Verden has achieved this year as she completed her 3-year training period to become a technical product designer (specializing in product design and construction) with BLOCK Transformatoren-Elektronik GmbH in Verden.  

In recognition of her outstanding performance in her final examinations, she has picked up not one, but two awards from chambers of commerce and industry. One was from Stade chamber of commerce and industry for being among the best in her year group in the commercial and industrial/technical professions in the Elbe-Weser area. The other was from Lower Saxony chamber of commerce and industry for being one of the 107 best professionals in the whole of the state. Lena Spehling was only too happy to accept the invitation to attend the ceremony to honor the state's highest achievers at the Weser-Ems-Halle complex in Oldenburg on October 29, 2019. “To be among the best apprentices in the whole of Lower Saxony is a great feeling,” explains the young award winner. “I just love my job and have enjoyed the benefit of great training with BLOCK. And to be ultimately recognized for this is a great honor for me, of course.”

Needless to say, the CEO of BLOCK Transformatoren-Elektronik GmbH, Wolfgang Reichelt, was also quick to add his congratulations for this outstanding achievement. “The dual training system is the best way of combining theory and practice. At the moment, we have 60 young people in training and on the dual study program at our company. And we make every effort to nurture our young people as they hold the potential we need for the future,” points out the head of the company.

With around 1200 employees worldwide, BLOCK Transformatoren-Elektronik GmbH is among the largest employers in the Verden region and offers a wide range of commercial and industrial training opportunities each year.




"The future holds exciting challenges for us. Our technologies are more than capable of meeting these challenges – nevertheless, we are curious to see what topics will influence the development of our products in addition to efficiency and sustainability," our CEO Wolfgang Reichelt opens Hannover Messe 2024.


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