April 17, 2019

Excellent development with the BLOCK taid simulation software in the Engineering Corner

In the Engineering Corner at booth 102 in hall 7 at PCIM Europe in Nuremberg, BLOCK shows for the first time how the in-house developed calculation tool taid creates an optimal reactor with regard to efficiency and performance from the system parameters of the customer. Visitors are invited to see the performance of taid live in Nuremberg in the BLOCK Engineering Corner. Together with the engineers of the BLOCK R&D, an individual dimensioning of the reactor can be carried out on site.


Fastest calculation for the design of inductive winding goods with taid

The taid software has been continuously advanced by BLOCK since its release in 2009 and offers on the market the most accurate and fastest calculations for the design of inductive winding products. Electrical, magnetic and thermodynamic analytical calculations can be done within a few seconds for a product. This is the best solution for the customer system.

In addition, new performance-optimized innovations from the Future Winding mains reactor and sine filter series as well as inductive power electronics components will be presented. There are also special solutions for the medium frequency and high frequency range. These solutions with special cooling connection and individual design were also calculated with the in-house developed taid simulation software.

BLOCK Future Winding products

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