Charge and control unit




 Electronic overcurrent and short-circuit protection

 Active current limiting in the event of an error

 Automatic detection of connected battery module

 Reliable early warning signal when battery life expectancy is declining

 Extended life expectancy through temperature controlled battery management

 Service-friendly spring-loaded connector system

 Isolated signal contact

 Reverse polarity protection

 Exhaustive discharge protection for batteries

 Interface to visualise and adjust relevant data

 Current and voltage monitoring

 Active signal outputs for function monitoring

 RS-232 interface

 Reliable supply of industrial PC's

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Product Charge and control unit
Order number PC-0524-400-0
Rated input voltage 24 Vdc
Input voltage range 18 Vdc to 30 Vdc
Rated output voltage 24 Vdc
Rated Output Current 40 A
Output voltage range 24 Vdc
Max. feedback resistance 35 Vdc
Efficiency 99 %
Parallel connection possible Yes, max. 3 batteries to increase the buffer time
Signal output Relay contact
Status display Green, yellow, red LED
Communication USB 2.0
Ambient temperature -25 °C to 70 °C / -13 °F to 158 °F
Storage Temperature -25 °C to 85 °C / -13 °F to 185 °F
Humidity without condensation 5 % to 96 %
Cooling type natural convection
Required minimum distance (side) 0 mm
Required minimum distance (top/bottom) 40 mm
Size and Weight
Width 45 mm / 1.77 in
Height 127 mm / 5 in
Depth 136 mm / 5.35 in
Weight 0.58 kg / 1.28 lbs

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