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BLOCK is your reliable partner for high-quality electronic components required in storage technology and in particular in warehouse automation. As well as our broad portfolio of standard items, we offer the development and production of customer-specific solutions in particular.

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◼︎ Flexible production and development of customized solutions

◼︎ Application-specific EMC concepts and filter design in the BLOCK test lab or at your facilities

As production progresses through the stages towards Industry 4.0, the logistics sector, too, is increasingly transforming into the ideal of the "smart factory". Artificial intelligence, digitization and the growth sector of e-commerce are increasing the pace of innovation in intralogistics as well. In contrast to the transportation of goods outside a plant, this includes the management, execution and organization of a company's internal logistical flows of materials and goods.  This increasingly involves automation, the synchronization of real and digital material flows and their transparency.

There is a positive impact on classic production parameters such as process costs, shorter throughput times and intelligent use of space.  Each individual parameter plays a crucial role in helping to ensure survival in today's global and intensely competitive climate. However, the physical connectivity of different machines, and to a certain extent the flow of goods, continues to depend on transport management systems for materials handling, which must be supplied with electricity. One of the biggest challenges when implementing logistics systems is to ensure unimpeded and effective interaction between all components involved in the process and their intelligent management and supply. Whether it's for customers like a major manufacturer of materials handling technology that supplies systems to well-known brands in the fashion industry, a global provider of logistics solutions for container ports or a specialist in process automation for airports.

Robust and long-lasting solutions

This is where our extensive product portfolio in the area of transformers comes into play. Because control transformersautotransformers und isolating transformers are also used in intralogistics as extremely robust and, above all, long-lasting solutions. This includes, for example, our isolating transformers for supplying horizontal and vertical conveyors or bundling supply services in modern high-bay warehouses for several aisles at the same time.


Compact and fully equipped to meet the latest trend

Our high-performance switched mode power supplies in the Power Compact series are extremely energy-efficient and also in line with the cross-sector trend towards automation. They fulfill all the main requirements for high energy density coupled with a compact design. The special added value of this new generation of switched mode power supplies is that the output is higher while the size stays the same. We offer a wide selection of single- to three-phase power supplies with output voltages of 12-60 V DC, which can be used for any type of application.

Our special strength is the development of complete customized solutions, which will fulfill your specific individual requirements in an innovative way. We developed a decentralized power supply with enhanced protection for a leading provider of process automation solutions for warehouses and airports.

In intralogistics, particularly high demands are placed on power supplies during braking processes in shuttles and conveyor belts. These are therefore equipped with high levels of protection against feedback or braking choppers, to withstand the backfed energy and be able to continue supplying the system with no power failure.

Voltage adjustment with high boost functionality for optimum supply to your application when charging high-performance capacitors (ultra caps) or accumulator modules is also possible.

For autonomous driving shuttles, for example, which in this way can absorb energy particularly fast and can store the charge for a long time, in order to transport the relevant material to its destination as efficiently and with as wide a range as possible. Especially as energy charging processes should never take longer than the respective loading or unloading procedures and there must not be any waiting periods – because time is money.

Convenience is everything

A focus on service is important to us, which is why we always think about maintenance in our developments. We provide power supplies with plug connections, making maintenance much easier. It is also possible to shut down power output stages for service purposes or following an emergency shutdown in accordance with SIL standards (Safety Integrated Level Standards).

Safety always comes first, and maintenance engineers can enter facilities without danger if necessary. BLOCK also enables IO-Link/bus connections for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance monitoring. As well as switched mode power supplies, this is where our modular circuit breaker system EasyB really comes into its own, offering a communications connection for complete monitoring at the 24 V level in line with the principles of Industry 4.0. An important building block in the realization of Industry 4.0 in today's mobile factories.

Furthermore, our uninterruptible power supplies reliably prevent unforeseen fluctuations or drops in voltage.

Disruptive technologies in port logistics

We have supplied another technological leader in intralogistics with numerous components such as power supplieselectronic circuit breakers and control transformers, to enable optimum and innovative storage of containers at the world's largest ports with the aid of high-bay storage systems. Instead of being stacked on top of each other, the containers are placed in an individual rack and can thus be accessed at any time. For the power supplies and electronic fuses supplied by BLOCK that travel on the storage and retrieval vehicle, an important requirement was that they had to be able to withstand greater stress from vibrations. Our comprehensive GL approvals for components, which attest to increased vibration resistance, ensured that the customer was even happier with our product solutions.


No errors, no problems

Because of the large distances that need to be covered in a company's internal warehouse systems, supply lines are often exposed to significant interferences relating to lines and fields. High-quality filters are therefore essential in order to eliminate this interference. The BLOCK EMI filtersdv/dt filters or sine filters can achieve this. In addition, the use of our all-pole sine filter from the SF4 series with Future Winding technology is excellent for ensuring that systems run without interruption, and may thus even prevent problems that would not be noticed in advance. Our other product solutions from the power quality range, such as motor reactors and line reactors, are also used in intralogistics and enable a high level of system availability. The positive effects of the use of our reactors, such as higher system immunity or a long service life for motors, ensure more power quality throughout the entire drive system.

Intralogistics also has an impact on the other divisions of a company and leads to the restructuring of whole work processes, which can thus be optimally adapted to the requirements of modern value chains. Our efficient, space-saving designs provide effective support for system planners and allow optimum integration into a harmonious, high-performance and usable system.

Because we develop the perfect voltage solutions for our customers' products. We would gladly support you with new intralogistics projects and to build technical solutions for your own individual requirements.
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