Power supplies & Circuit breakers

BLOCK has one of the largest ranges available of switched-mode power supplies, electronic circuit breakers and uninterruptible power supplies for reliable power supply and distribution, as well as for the protection of small control systems through to comprehensive machinery and plant systems. For the ideal solution to individual requirements. The Power Vision, Power Compact and Power Mini product ranges set the applicable standards for this, whether these are particularly powerful, robust or compact. Customers from the mechanical and plant engineering and construction sectors, as well as the whole of industry, use BLOCK products in order to ensure the maximum availability of their systems.

Monitoring, control, communication - BLOCK Electronics 4.0

Comprehensive features ensure that BLOCK’s power supply solutions are ready for use in Industry 4.0. Connecting a line circuit breaker to a PLC or industrial PC for instance allows individual channels to be controlled and connected remotely. Integrated communication standards support the lifetime monitoring of UPS modules and their energy storage systems for improved availability of the system. Compatible interfaces enhance the BLOCK switched-mode power supplies for comprehensive monitoring and control in Industry 4.0 systems.


Maximum system availability requires maximum performance. BLOCK power supplies provide significant power reserves for high switch-on currents thanks to powerful Top Boost and Power Boost technology. The BLOCK Development Center designs electronic products featuring extraordinary electrical and mechanical strength for demanding customers in industry.

Technologically convincing

Industry 4.0 calls for new ideas and at the same time opens up a whole range of possibilities. Individual interfaces, such as connections to a UPS or industrial PC, provide technologically convincing solutions for integrated system and plant control. Our modular solutions support different communication protocols and can be integrated perfectly into Industry 4.0 applications.


Inefficient products generate costs, while large products also waste valuable space. This is why BLOCK developers ensure that our products use the available space as efficiently as possible to match your application area. 8-channel circuit breakers ensure more space in the control cabinet. Uninterruptible power supplies with flexible expansion options, capacitive energy storage and maximum power density provide the power required in the event of a power failure - either as a compact individual solution or as part of a constant network.

Supply perfectly shaped

Door controls have special installation requirements. Aside from being compact and slim, the components used also often need to be in a particular shape. This can have an impact, e.g., on the cooling effect in the product. We have developed a single-phase switched-mode power supply in steel plate housing to meet this customer requirement. The switched-mode power supply’s high overload capacity is ideal for supplying motorized loads with heavy starting torques.  


"The power unit is actually a completely normal one, but the application area makes it something special."

- Jens Marten, Product Manager Power Supplies -

40 A battery-powered and capacitive UPS

The new battery-powered UPS provides maximum system availability through intelligent battery management and short charging times – including with large battery capacities. Available in 12 V and 24 V networks with uninterrupted power supplies up to 40 A in the event of a power failure. Permanent monitoring of the connected batteries ensures that an early warning is emitted when the remaining lifetime is low. Aside from configuration options, the powerful UPS Control configuration software also guarantees an overview of the UPS operating statuses at any time.

To the battery-powered UPS

The new ultracapacitor-based UPS provides a long lifetime, including at high ambient temperatures, thereby ensuring increased safety in 24 V networks. Uninterrupted power supplies of up to 20 A are available in the event of a power failure with the basic module. The flexible expansion options mean that the output current can be increased to up to 40 A and the buffer time scaled accordingly to meet requirements by adding further capacity modules. All relevant data can be accessed at any time via an isolated USB interface.

To the capacitive UPS         To the capacity module