VOLTER - a young engineer discovers BLOCK

This is Volter. Volter is by nature enthusiastic about topics related to electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and mechatronics. In his professional life as an engineer, he is constantly faced with challenges that he has to solve for his company's customers. This can range from the design of a control cabinet, to the development of power electronics systems, to the optimization of existing systems. The fact that he sometimes encounters problems that he cannot solve on his own is no big deal. Because he knows that you can always trust in reliable partners like BLOCK. In the process, Volter discovers the world of BLOCK through real life examples.


The Volter animation series is BLOCK’s own production. The concept and realization are created and accomplished from internal potential.

Look forward to further experiences and insights that Volter will gain in his daily work and to solutions that thereby will open up for you as a viewer.

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