May 19, 2020


Power supplies and electronic circuit breakers for the manufacture of protective mouth and nose masks

BLOCK produces power supplies and electronic circuit breakers for manufacturing facilities making 50,000 protective mouth and nose masks a day.

The coronavirus pandemic has made it mandatory across Germany to wear protective mouth and nose masks – at least when using public transport or going shopping. The shortage of masks is not just complicating supplies for private users, however, as health care facilities in particular are low on protective clothing as well. 

IBF Automation GmbH, a long-standing customer of BLOCK, has therefore set up its own production facility within four weeks, in collaboration with Moss GmbH and the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology, with a view to making 50,000 protective mouth and nose masks a day. At least ten such fully automated facilities are currently being set up to cover consumption in Germany alone, with more to follow. Production covers the entire supply chain, from manufacture of the non-woven materials through to certification and supply chain management. It is really easy for medical institutions and suppliers across the whole of Germany to register their requirements via a digital platform. 

BLOCK is also making an important contribution to the fight against COVID-19 and providing power supplies and electronic circuit breakers to ensure the perfect voltage solution at IBF’s new production facilities. “We as a company are giving priority to the manufacture and delivery of the electronic components for the production facilities making protective mouth and nose masks,” explains BLOCK CEO Wolfgang Reichelt.

While many places have staff on shorter hours, BLOCK is still operating at full capacity. So even in this time of crisis, BLOCK is able to supply systemically important sectors in particular with the products they need – with the help of highly motivated employees, state-of-the-art technology, a high degree of vertical integration, and an extensive stock of materials. 

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