BLOCK — a family company with a bright future, a reliable brand

When it comes to perfect voltage solution for systems and plants,  BLOCK has been a strong global partner of industry and commerce for decades . Since the launch of the blue PCB transformers, the entire electronics industry has come to appreciate our brand’s reliability and supply security. In more than 80 years of company history, the company expanded into one of the world's leading manufacturers of transformers, power supplies, reactors and EMI filters. And to keep it that way, BLOCK consistently focuses on controllable, fast and reliable production within the company to maintain the highest quality standards. That is both the case at our headquarters and production site in Verden as well as in the production facilities in USA and China. Together with the increasingly important development center with more than 80 engineers and technicians, BLOCK not only offers the extensive standard portfolio in stock, but also fast customization or new development of your products. Thus, after only three weeks BLOCK custom-made products can be certified and leave the production sites in Verden. BLOCK unites research, development and production under one roof. From winding products to filters to power supplies and software development, our know-how can be found at every stage of the development and manufacturing process.

We develop the perfect voltage solutions for our customers’ products

Based in Verden. Serving the world.

We are a global leader in the field of power supply interfacing. With agencies all over the world, four production sites, and seven international offices, BLOCK successfully supplies global markets with transformers, reactors, EMC filters, and power supplies.

Research and development for quality and innovation

More than 80 engineers and technicians work to create the perfect voltage solutions in our research and development department. We ensure that knowledge is actively transferred at the intersection between basic and applied research. This allows us to expand our high quality standards and keep building on our innovative progress.

Individual customer solutions

Our applied collaborative work with research means that we are continuously able to develop unique solutions at BLOCK. We can cater for individual customer requirements directly thanks to our comprehensive vertical range of manufacture as well as our unparalleled technological expertise. This results in made-to-measure customer applications that are certified and approved.

38 locations globally

With seven global BLOCK companies, four production sites, and 38 national and international agencies located all over the world, we successfully supply the global market with transformers, power supplies, reactors, and EMI filters.

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A family company with a bright future

BLOCK is in the best possible position to face what the future has in store. Our company demonstrates the highest levels of performance, with our activities not only at the cutting edge but also focused on both the customer and the environment. This is thanks in no small part to the impact of Wolfgang Reichelt's role as a technical expert working in both national and international electrotechnical standardization. The insights he has gained on the international electronics stage have ensured the best possible prospects for his own company.

BLOCK as an exciting employer

BLOCK is not just a strong employer regionally, but globally. 800 employees, from development to production and supply, at our headquarters in Verden and globally, work to create products that ensure the perfect voltage solution for the customers. There are plenty of good reasons for choosing BLOCK.