Flexibility and availability as standard – Your cooperation partner for machine building

With the advent of Industry 4.0, machine building is becoming ever more digitalized, communicative, and flexible. Competent cooperation partners for seamless process flows are increasingly in demand. As a strong development partner from the start of a project through to installation, BLOCK offers not only the right know-how but also critical support.

◼︎ Wide standard range with a comprehensive choice of designs

◼︎ Application-specific EMI concepts and filter design in the BLOCK test laboratory or on site

◼︎ Flexible production and development of special solutions

◼︎ High level of vertical integration and proven quality standards

◼︎ All usual international standards covered

Over 1,200 standard products from the fields of transformers, power supplies, reactors, and filters are available off the shelf from BLOCK. Our comprehensive portfolio is ideally designed for the requirements of plant and machine builders. The extensive power configuration of the transformers offers a quickly available standard for almost any application.
As standard, contact-protected transformers in line with IPXXB can be built with other components in a housing and made into a complete system for protected operation as per IP23. Power supplies and electronic circuit breakers can be easily installed here thanks to spring-loaded terminals. Open communications interfaces also facilitate integration into existing machine systems. In electrical and mechanical operation, BLOCK electronic products certified in line with UL and GL prove themselves to be extremely robust for a high degree of system availability.

The diversity of our standard products reflects the diversity of machine building. Yet machine building is anything but standard for us.

The drives used in the machine system may also make converter interference suppression necessary. Reactors and filters ensure a fault-free network structure for this inside and outside the machine drive systems.

Reliability and service from quality awareness

Our customers benefit from our many years of experience in developing and producing products for the optimum supply of machines and plant systems. We support you in the preliminary stage with correctly choosing the right components for the secure planning of your production processes. For us, quality is the key characteristic of our products enabling you to rely on a high degree of system availability. The entire development, production, and quality testing process takes place at our location. For our customers, this means total transparency. Whether this be the fully automated winding, sheet metal punching, electronics manufacturing and software development, or EMC and environmental testing. We ensure that the highest standards are maintained, right through to certification. Our customers know that this is not all there is to appreciate.

"Due to the many years of cooperation and the quality and durability to which we have become accustomed as a result, we opted for a product from BLOCK and recommend the use of BLOCK power supplies in our products from the perspective of support".

  Thomas de Vries, Product Manager, STULZ GmbH, Business Unit S-Klima

It also means that we realize individual requirements at every step, thus being able to create customer-specific system integration solutions.

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Standard products for mechanical and system engineering

Technical sales and a large development center – A wide range of services for customer-specific system integration solutions

The availability of 3D CAD data and ePlan macros for your development, production, and planning processes can be found in the majority of our standard products. Machine building is becoming ever more customized and requires new processes when jointly devising solutions. During the development process, we enjoy welcoming you to our premises for technology day, where we support you with your digital planning processes. Regular Web meetings regarding the latest project status; testing and development on a digital twin? Your engineering department becomes digital with us! This allows for the perfect solution to be integrated into your system quickly and reliably. Your requirements may be mechanical, electronic, or be based on the latest digital standards.

Flexibility for global deployment

Technical or mechanical adjustments are not exactly rare in machine building. Thanks to many years of experience, we are able to draw on a modular system for the typical requirements of machine builders. Power adjustments or extra connections and terminals can therefore be made and added quickly. International customers in particular recognize this flexibility is something to appreciate. For the US market, machines produced in Germany can also be operated in the USA using an installed upstream transformer, for example. Enhanced with the appropriate connections and certified according to American standards, the ideal standard solution for customer-specific requirements is available in conformance with US standards.

Efficient solutions – Tailored

Thanks to comprehensive expertise, we could produce for you, for example, an especially compact, economic, or efficient solution based on advanced simulations, such as an FEM simulation, or the in-house-developed calculation tool 'Taid' for inductive winding materials. In this process, we can draw on the processing of various materials or mechanical processing in-house. Whether it be using a nanocrystalline core or 0.1 mm-thin electric sheets. The latest research and development results lead to innovations again and again, such as future winding technology, which combines all of this. This gives rise to the most efficient solution for the best ROI of your engineering.

Communications standards in line with Industry 4.0

Data is an essential component of smart factories. Pervasive digital networking in a company allows for process control, analysis, and optimization in real time. IO link and other communications standards enable the compatible exchange of data between machines and components. Our EasyB circuit breakers are not only modular, but also offer interfaces for data exchange, as well as for monitoring and controlling the power of individual channels. Uninterruptible power supplies communicate their performance levels and the remaining service life. In a special application, we devised a solution with our customers out of a power supply and UPS with an IO link interface in order to be able to forecast maintenance work using the data. This predictive maintenance solution constitutes significant value-added for our customer from a single source of consulting, development, and production expertise. Such experiences of custom-made projects are introduced to the standard series again and again.

The highest levels of system availability thanks to quality, service, and machine data

The quality of the products used has long since ceased being the only factor for high system availability in machine and system building. Real-time recording of machine data and remote maintenance and control reduce maintenance work and extend maintenance intervals, so that one can plan machine running times with downtimes being minimal or even eliminated. The comprehensive range of services and development expertise from BLOCK enable perfect engineering for your machine and plant systems.