The CCMT (China CNC Machine Tool) fair in Shanghai is a magnet for those interested in automation, medical technology, and the automotive industry in China, attracting more than 125,000 visitors annually. Our sister company, BLOCK Electronics Kunshan, has become a fixture as an exhibitor at the industrial fair.

This year, in addition to the sales team from Kunshan, our management is also visiting. They report a fantastic start to the fair from the first days at CCMT. "Trade shows hold a high status in China, drawing many visitors, and are therefore crucial for our presence in the Chinese market. We invite our customers and can present our new products very exclusively to them and other interested parties," said Udo Leonhard Thiel, Managing Director of BLOCK Transformatoren-Elektronik GmbH and as Legal Representative also responsible for BLOCK in Kunshan.

In addition to production, the development of components is also "made in Kunshan". BLOCK's philosophy is to create solutions, so products are developed in a way that is optimal for the requirements of the Chinese market. The focus of the product portfolio is on switched mode power supplies and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). In addition to the extensive expansion of site and manufacturing, the product portfolio has also been significantly expanded in recent months, allowing several new products to be presented at CCMT.

In addition to combined UPS modules, single-phase and three-phase power supplies, and technical enhancements to existing variants, there is also news in the field of transformers – the origin of BLOCK. The Chinese BLOCK team is prepared for any requirements with standard products and the development of customized solutions.

The relatively young company BLOCK Electronics Kunshan relocated last year to triple its own production capacity. The strategic direction remains the same: technological progress and entrepreneurial growth! 

Our CEO and owner, Wolfgang Reichelt, and Managing Director Udo Leonhard Thiel, therefore, had many other topics on the agenda besides attending the trade fair. After just a few days on-site, it was decided that the next expansion stages of our subsidiary in China are already in the pipeline.