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ALL ABOUT BLOCK. Image brochure

The image brochure for the 80 years jubilee of our company.
Interesting facts about Block, the last 80 years and the exciting shaping of the future.


The BIG BLOCK, the complete standard portfolio with more than 2500 products of transformers, power supplies, reactors and EMI filters.


The compact and clearly structured catalog with the BLOCK COMPACT range. Products from the divisions of transformers, power supplies, reactors, and EMI filters are listed in standard.

BLOCK Power supplies

Switched mode power supplies, electronic circuit breakers, uninterruptible power supplies, redundancy modules, and accessories for the reliable supply of your systems.

BLOCK Transformers

Our wide standard range of BLOCK power, control, safety, isolating and autotransformers provides you with the right choice when building your systems.

Switched mode power supplies

BLOCK customers benefit from an extensive standard range of switched mode power supplies which provide both basic functions as well as comprehensive communications and optimum technical functionality.

Electronic circuit breakers

Electronic circuit breakers support selective protection of DC circuits and offer far more tailored protection against overcurrent and short circuits than conventional circuit breakers. BLOCK offers one of the widest ranges of electronic circuit breakers for reliable protection.

Uninterruptible power supplies

Uninterruptible power supplies protect 24 V supply voltages from unexpected power failures. Capacitive UPS solutions from BLOCK’s Power Compact series provide 24 V supply voltage up to the minute range.

Future Winding for next power generation

Future Winding edgewise winding technology, designed by BLOCK itself, enables a new dimension of power optimization of inductive winding products.

All-pole sine filters SF4

Not only does the new SF4 all-pole sine filter series solve a host of such EMI problems, it also increases the efficiency of drive systems controlled by frequency converters.

Harmonic filters

HF1P filters eliminate harmonic currents and compensate reactive power efficiently in single phase applications. Reliability and lifetime of loads, like energy-saving bulbs, IT power supplies and drives will be drastically increased.

Line reactors LR3

The LR3 line reactors reduce harmonics and thereby protect your systems against costly downtimes. The well thought-out, completely redesigned structure of the LR3 allows fast and easy installation in even the tightest of spaces.

PCC (Power Compact Champ)

Maximum system availability, strong and flexible in any application, yet light and compact – our new Power Compact Champ power supplies.

EasyB circuit breaker system

EasyB – The modular, 24 V circuit breaker system for the reliable fusing of the 24 V control voltage level. Can be extended flexibly and for communication.

Push-In terminal transformers

One of a kind: Our new push-in terminal offers numerous convincing advantages. Whether it‘s simple handling or time savings during assembly – it makes a significant contribution to increasing efficiency and safety.

Inductive components for medium frequency ranges

Inductors and transformers for the medium frequency range represent a dynamic field for development. New materials and technologies have enabled innovative steps on a continuous basis over recent years.

Control power transformers CT

The CT series of control power transformers from BLOCK as an economic solution for general and industrial applications. Robust and flexibly enhanceable with a TS35 rail or US fuse holder.

Isolating transformers TT3 Neo

For the reliable protection of the system, the use of isolating transformers with galvanic isolation between the windings is ideal.  TT3 Neo isolating transformers provide secure isolation at high power ranges from 10 kVA to 1 MVA.

Motor reactors MR3

The MR3 motor reactors reduce overvoltage spikes and reflected wave phenomena in order to protect the motor. The MR3 series is engineered for a wide-spread installation in order to provide the best in class protection.

Detuned reactors DR3

Choking with the DR3 detuned reactors from BLOCK broadly rules out the risk of overcurrent through resonance, thus ensuring optimal protection of the compensation capacitors, and an improvement in voltage quality.

Inductive components for railway technology

Robustly tested technologies are demanded in railway technology. BLOCK's custom-made railway products are characterized by exceptional properties for use in railway technology. Reactors. filters and medium-frequency transformers tested in line with EN 60310 and EN 45545 HL3 and developed according to the latest industrial standards.

Inductors for power electronics

A selection of inductive components for power electronics. Main transformers, current-compensating reactors, DC reactors, and drive transformers benefit from BLOCK's comprehensive development and production competence.