Medium-frequency inductors

Once high power ranges are used, weight and size become important factors in the design of a system. Where future-oriented concepts find their use, modeled voltages in the medium-frequency range are increasingly being called upon. They enable compact designs of transformers and filter components for railway technology, lift technology, or in charging stations of electric vehicles, for example. For an optimized construction volume, we rely on high-quality materials, such as ferrite, nanocrystalline, or amorphous cores, amongst other things.

BLOCK is known as a competent partner for consulting and the design of inductive components and their cost-optimized realization. From requirement analysis, calculation, and simulation, to sample production and testing, right through to manufacture: we take on the task of designing your product.

MF transformer
Combination of four air-cooled medium-frequency transformers in one assembly. Suitable for installation in dirty areas (PD4)

Power: 2 x 100 kVA / 2 x 20 kVA
Primary voltage: 600 V
Secondary voltage: 750 V / 150 V
Frequency: 18 kHz
Weight: 65 kg

Ferrite core input reactor with cooling channels for natural air-cooling

Inductance: 230 µH
DC current: 70 A
AC current: 110 A
Main current harmonic frequency: 5 kHz

Air-core reactor for minimizing the effects of voltage drops and for limiting peak currents.
Prepared for accelerated air-cooling with 3 m/s

Inductance: 2,3 mH
RMS current: 300 A
Peak current: 500 A  
Frequency: 30 kH

Resonant converter

Thanks to its heat sink connection, the open-design resonant converter boasts optimized heat dissipation. The integrated leakage inductance covers the complete inductive part of the LLC topology in a component. Due to the minimal tolerances of the leakage inductance, the desired resonance range is ensured.

Leakage inductance: 150 µH
Main inductance: 1,500 µH
Power: 6 kW
Transformation ratio: 1:5
Primary voltage 800 V
Secondary voltage: 140 V
Frequency: 60 kHz

Boost converter reactor with ferrite core, suitable for heat sink or cooling plate installation

Inductance: 12 µH
RMS current: 110 A
Peak current: 210 A  
Frequency: 30 kHz

MF transformer
Medium-frequency transformer with uncut nanocrystalline core technology: significant noise reduction, low loss and heat dissipation

Power: 50 kVA
Primary voltage: 500 V
Secondary voltage: 750 V
Frequency: 2,5 kHz
Weight: 30 kg

Three-phase sine filter reactor with cooling channels for natural air cooling

Inductance: 110 µH
Current RMS: 100 A
Fundamental frequency: 50 Hz
Main current harmonic frequency: 7400 Hz

Computer-based simulation

Calculations and simulations, such as finite element simulations (applying the finite element method, or FEM), enable BLOCK to check the thermal behavior of winding materials well in advance. This provides a key advantage in the development of new solutions in the field of large winding materials. The effectiveness of necessary optimization steps can therefore be checked without new, cost-intensive prototypes. For BLOCK customers, this means quicker and more cost-effective implementation of their projects.

Encapsulated medium-frequency transformer

For our customers we developed an encapsulated medium-frequency transformer with heat sink connection for optimized heat dissipation and customer-specific leakage inductance. The low-capacitance structure enables high switching frequencies at high power, while simultaneously minimizing loss.

Power: 40 kW
Frequency: 50 kHz
Leakage inductance: 20 µH
Transformation: 1:1
Primary voltage: 800 V