Computertomograph in einem Behandlungszimmer

Safety is the top priority for medical technology

The selection and specification of electronic components for medical applications requires great caution. BLOCK is your reliable partner for high-quality inductors and power supplies for medical technology purposes. Our focus here is on developing and manufacturing customer-specific solutions. For standard applications, we have components available in stock. 

◼︎ Flexible manufacturing and development of customized solutions

◼︎ Account taken of approvals required in medical contexts (UL 60601-1) 

◼︎ High degree of vertical integration and tested quality standard

◼︎ Application-specific EMC concepts and filter design in the BLOCK test lab or on site 

Medical technology is developing really fast, and the demand for suitable devices for an aging population is proving to be a relentless driver of growth for the sector in large parts of the world.

Inductors and power supplies for medical applications are subject to very high quality requirements as regards the safety of patients and medical personnel.

Apart from offering general protection against electric shock, they also need to withstand voltage drops or fluctuations and, above all, ensure a reliable power supply. This is particularly true of devices that keep people alive or monitor vital functions.


" We're talking about people here. Our power supplies make an essential contribution toward protecting, preserving, and saving life."

Udo L. Thiel, Managing Director

Whether it be  isolating transformers for equipment in clinical areas at hospitals, toroidal transformers for dialysis machines and ultrasonic nebulizers, or control transformers for pressure chambers used in oxygen therapy – BLOCK develops and manufactures for numerous partners in the field of medical technology. 

Fluid cooling for greater heat dissipation

For example, BLOCK produces 100 kVA isolating transformers with water cooling for use in MRI scanners worldwide. The specially developed cooling technology provides an efficient means of dissipating any heat generated. At the same time, the noise-optimized design of the customer application ensures examination are a pleasant and stress-free experience for the patient – so additional acoustic insulation can be dispensed with. 

Unlike regular industrial facilities, medical equipment is often more sensitive to electromagnetic interference (EMI) – so devices have to meet higher requirements in terms of suppressing interference. This means electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and performance are key issues for medical applications. In terms of power quality, BLOCK's standard range includes EMI filters with the relevant approvals for interference suppression for medical devices.

Products offering greater safety in the field of medical technology

Isolating transformers for 
equipment in medical locations, with very high quality requirements in terms of the safety of patients and medical personnel

Customer-specific 100 kVA isolating transformer with water cooling for use in MRI scanners worldwide

Efficient power supplies in compact plastic housing, certified in accordance with UL 60601-1 (2MOPP)

EMI filters for interference suppression for medical devices

On-trend compact design

Power supplies are used in almost all medical devices. These include MRI scanners, surgical robots, heart-lung machines, and many others. Not to mention communication technology direct to the patient's bed. The most important things here are keeping signal voltages low and leakage currents to a minimum. And as with other electronics applications, the trend in medical technology is also toward designing increasingly small, light, efficient, and reliable devices.

Maximum safety

The BLOCK range includes efficient switched mode power supplies in compact plastic housing for a wide range of applications. It is also important to note that strict safety rules are mandatory, in order to protect medical personnel and patients. So we offer power supplies approved for medical use (UL 60601-1) up to the highest category 2MOPP (Means Of Patient Protection) to ensure medical devices have a reliable power supply at all times. Current examples include applications for use in X-ray equipment to supply the gripper arm and in relation to communication technology in hospitals.

We develop solutions to ensure our customers have the perfect voltage for their products, while keeping the focus firmly on people. We would gladly support you with new medical projects and design technical solutions to meet your very specific needs. Please contact us.