Motor reactor, three-phase

MR3 400/24



 High damping of edge steepness

 High damping of inverter switching frequency

 Reduction of leakage current at low construction volumes

 Long shielded cable lengths possible

 High efficiency

 Very good corrosion protection and low noise thanks to vacuum impregnation

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Product Motor reactor, three-phase
Order number MR3 400/24
Inductance 3x 0.27 mH
Rated current 3x 24 Aac
Linear current 3x 36 Aac
Rated voltage range 0 V to 690 V
Rated voltage 400 V
Frequency range to 50 Hz
Motor or converter power 120 kW / 160.92 HP
EN insulation class F (155°C)
UL Insulation class class 155
Duty Cycle 100 %
Power loss 21.10 W
Wire material Copper
Duty Cycle 100 %
Cooling type AN
Switching group III0
Ambient temperature -10 °C to 40 °C / 14 °F to 104 °F
Max. installation height 1,000 m / 3,281 ft
Protection and Safety
Protection type IP 00
Protection class (prepared) I
Degree of contamination 2
Electrical Connections
Input terminal Screw terminal
Output terminal Screw terminal
Terminal PE Bolt screw terminal
Size and Weight
Width 120 mm / 4.72 in
Height 140 mm / 5.51 in
Depth 95 mm / 3.74 in
Weight 2.6 kg / 5.73 lbs
Low Voltage Directive EN 61558-2-20
RoHS compliant EN IEC 63000
Approval cURus - Recognized UL 5085-1/-2; CSA 22.2

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