Transformers, power supplies and power quality components for control cabinets.

In modern, highly complex control systems, control cabinets and control installations have a fundamentally important task – when it comes to system stability, the control cabinet and all components within must meet particularly high demands. The most important parameters, such as constant system availability and product quality, are directly dependent on the control cabinet and control unit quality.

In this industry in particular, it is essential to comply with national and international standards. BLOCK manufactures in accordance with all standard national and international standards, such as EN, ISO, NEC as well as UL and cUL. Intelligent products, such as BLOCK's communicative power supplies and circuit breakers, are also becoming more and more important in an increasingly connected product environment. 

◼︎Wide standard range with a comprehensive choice of designs

◼︎Application-specific EMI concepts and filter design in the BLOCK test laboratory or on site

◼︎Flexible production and development of special solutions

◼︎High level of vertical integration and proven quality standards

◼︎All usual international standards covered

More space in the control cabinet due to reduced overall width of the circuit breakers and 24 V power supplies

The trend towards more compact components in the control cabinet continues, since space costs money. The Power Compact power supply series by BLOCK takes this trend into consideration. The 5 A devices only require 42 mm space on the DIN rail mounting in the control cabinet. A minimum side-on distance to the neighboring component is not required. The PEL ECO series was developed specifically for small control cabinets. With an overall width of 54 mm and a height of 59 mm, these mini power machines fit in the smallest control cabinets.

The space saving trend in electronic circuit breakers is of even greater significance. The single and double-channel modules of the EasyB series have an overall width of just 12 mm. For the Economic Smart and Basic Smart multi-channel circuit breakers, the space required could even be reduced to 5.25 mm per channel.

In addition, the variable assembly option of the mounting rail attachment allows the best possible adjustment to the prevailing installation conditions. All connections are located on the front of the device, therefore are easy to access, and are equipped with push-in connection technology to provide cost-effective wiring without the need for tools. 

Standard products for Control cabinet und control system construction

We take care of the highest system availability with our smart power supplies, electronic circuit breakers, robust transformers, and efficient filters and reactors when constructing the control cabinet. Always.

Monitoring, control, communication - BLOCK electronics 4.0 in control cabinets

Power supply solutions  by BLOCK provide comprehensive features for use in Industry 4.0. Connection of conventional circuit breakers to a PLC or an industry PC enables remote control and switching of individual channels. Integrated communication standards support the lifetime monitoring of UPS modules and their energy storages for better system availability. The communication connection to a superior control system via compatible interfaces, such as IO-Link, expand the BLOCK switched mode power supplies for comprehensive monitoring and control in Industry 4.0 control cabinet systems.​ 

Developed for the control cabinet

Constructing a control cabinet often requires exceptional solutions. The significant amount of heat generated from the numerous system components in a highly compact space really tests the stamina of these components. Together with our customers, we have therefore developed a 3-phase transformer/reactor combination that guarantees the best possible heat exchange performance through its special design featuring cooling slots with integrated winding. Integrated forklift slots make the product particularly easy to transport in accordance with customer requests.

"With our transformer-reactor combination, we have developed a high-performance component for our customers, which is perfectly designed for conditions in wiring cabinet construction."


Andreas Reinhardt, Head of Transformer Development

Maximum system stability due to uninterrupted power supplies, redundancy modules, and inrush current limiters

To set up a fail-safe supply system, BLOCK offers various redundancy modules for decoupling two power supplies. Here, two power supplies of equal performance − uncoupled from one another by MOSFETs − safeguard the operational reliability and thus the unlimited availability.

In order to ensure a reliable 24 V DC power supply even during a power failure, BLOCK has a wide range of uninterrupted power supplies. Buffer modules with capacitors bypass the power failures up to the minute while also protecting the power supply against unwanted voltage dips. Maintaining the power supply over a longer period of time or high buffer currents requires the use of battery-supported systems. Here, too, BLOCK offers solutions that enable buffer times of up to 30 minutes.​ Finally, the BLOCK inrush current limiters prevent the unwanted triggering of fuses when switching on.


UL-certified components for global applications

Mechanical engineers and control cabinet builders who want to supply their products to North and South America need to adhere to both the technical and legal requirements. When it comes to UL certification, control unit builders have clear advantages when, from the outset, they opt for components that are already UL-certified. All standard components by BLOCK have the relevant certifications. For customer-specific products, a short-notice approval from the American approval authorities is possible without any problem. As a BLOCK customer, you benefit from our long-standing close cooperation with UL.

Plan and document quickly and efficiently with Eplan macros

BLOCK offers an extensive selection of macros for the entire standard portfolio. This supports you with speedy project management and optimization of your workflow and ensures efficient planning and documentation for the installation of our products. You can download the macros from our website or direct from the Eplan Data Portal.​

Safe supply for users and environment

Safety is crucial in the setup of electrical devices and systems. The risk of an electric shock as well as damage to the environment must be mitigated as far as possible. To achieve this level of safety, transformers have a wide range of tasks in electrical engineering. For example, this could be adapting the globally different mains voltages, securing separation of electricity from the power supply as well as the production of extra-low voltage. Special requirements are set in national as well as international standards for the different transformer types. As a standard for transformers with a rated voltage of less than 1000 V, EN 61558 "Safety of transformers, power supplies, reactors, and similar" applies. This standard consists of part 1, which describes all the basic requirements of the transformers. The differing requirements for the special transformers are listed in part 2 of this range of standards. All transformers must fulfill the same requirement of not being allowed to overheat in the case of a fault such as overload or short circuit. Firstly, it must be ensured that the transformers' environment is not damaged in case of fault (fire hazard). Secondly, the insulation installed is not fully destroyed by a fault such that, in the worst case scenario, it would lead to an electrical connection between the mains supply and the extra-low voltage. 
At BLOCK, depending on the required standard, you will find an extensive range of control, safety, and isolating transformers in stock.

Energy-saving − performance optimized sine filter with Future Winding technology

Most manufacturers of standard frequency inverters do not supply any sine filters in their devices. The frequency inverters are generally supplied for installation in the control cabinet, and manufacturers assume that, if necessary, the user will retrofit an external sine filter into the control cabinet. By installing an all-pole sine filter SF4, clear efficiency increases in the frequency inverters, motor cable, and motor subcomponents are achieved regardless of load.

Despite the additional internal losses of the SF4, significant efficiency improvements are seen across the whole electrical drive system, in particular in the partial load range by up to 24% or when using long motor cable lengths > 50 m by up to 5% at rated load. This allows an efficient layout of both the individual components and the entire drive system.

Exact tuning of the low-pass filter to the frequency of the frequency inverter ensures that the sine filter is very effective. BLOCK sine filters are equipped with Future Winding technology , meaning they are particularly high-performance. Compared to conventional filters, they achieve an improved cooling effect and minimal proximity losses.

Perfect power quality – compliance with EMI standards by using the right EMC components

An important measure as part of an EMI compliant control cabinet setup is the use of corresponding line filters. These passive  EMI filters are installed to suppress the electromagnetic disturbances between the supply and the frequency inverter in the frequency range between 150 kHz and 30 MHz. They serve the purpose of adhering to threshold values required by standards in the domestic and industrial sphere. In the line filter version, the passive EMI filter can also be combined with a line reactor that also reduces the low-frequency disturbances (harmonics).

At a glance: 
•   Suppressing radio interference voltages > 150 kHz
•   Adhering to threshold values in the domestic and industrial sphere
•   Straightforward operation on FI circuit breakers 30 mA/300 mA by using low-leakage filter solutions
•   Increasing the interference immunity of your system