Nils Röver

Nils Röver

Design engineer

Working at BLOCK

BLOCK is characterized as one of the largest employers in the region, especially due to the global growth trend. In this respect, we place a great deal of value on a community atmosphere. We get to know each other beyond the world of work at regular departmental and company events. In addition to interpersonal exchanges, technical knowledge transfer is also important to us. This is why we support, for example, further training measures to become technicians or foremen, as well as academic development, especially with our cooperating universities. In addition to benefits and bonuses, BLOCK employees receive special terms at selected contractual partners. We also offer our employees health programs in cooperation with health insurance companies, as well as contributions to the pension plan, so as to support them in the long-term. There are many good reasons for working at BLOCK.

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BLOCK Kinderhaus

As a family company, the compatibility of family and work is very important. That is why we have set up our very own kindergarten on our premises – the 'BLOCK Kinderhaus'.

Staff restaurant

Our staff restaurant provides our employees with the option of hot meals during the lunch break. Here you can choose between a wide variety of different meals.

Food allowances

The staff catering in the staff restaurant is subsidized by BLOCK.

Capital-forming benefits

We pay our employees capital-forming benefits.


In addition to a salary, we pay our employees bonuses as part of our in-house improvement scheme, for recruiting new staff members or for company jubilees.

Flexible working time models

Our working time system provides plenty of leeway to take care of personal affairs.

Flexible holiday approval

Annual leave can be planned with us during the course of the year.

Company doctor

In terms of healthcare provision, we have a company doctor. We also offer regular flu vaccinations for our employees.

Company pension plan

In order to be able maintain the accustomed standard of living into retirement, we offer our employees deferred compensation for the company pension plan with contributions.

Employee events

We place a great deal of value on a community atmosphere. People can interact beyond the world of work at regular departmental and company events. A Kohltour (a type of traditional German hike) and the company football tournaments are planned every year. Furthermore, an open-day takes place every five years. This is also an opportunity for BLOCK families to get to know each other better.

Employee discounts

We offer you a comprehensive program with a wide range of price reductions. This involves notable providers with high-quality products and services from a wide range of industries.