Data protection declaration for Instagram

We welcome you to the BLOCK Transformatoren-Elektronik GmbH company page on Instagram. We use the technical platforms and services of Facebook Ireland Ltd. ("Facebook") to provide these company pages.

Instagram is a social network that, in addition to creating private profiles, also enables the creation of group and company pages. For example, photos, videos and other company information can be uploaded on these pages. Other Instagram users have access to this information and can share and comment on this content. 

In order for you to feel comfortable using the BLOCK company page on Instagram, we make transparent for you which personal data we process and, among other things, also present the legally defined rights that exist for you in connection with the processing. Personal data are all data that can be related to you personally, e.g. name, email address or user behavior. 

To the extent possible, we also refer in the data protection declaration to Facebook's data processing via the Instagram service and refer to other sources of information and contact persons. This transparent presentation enables an appropriate delimitation of the responsibilities of BLOCK and Facebook in the context of operating the BLOCK company page on Instagram. 

We wish to note that you use these Instagram pages and their functions on your own responsibility. This applies in particular to the use of the interactive functions (e.g. commenting, sharing, rating). Alternatively, you can also access some of the information offered on this page on our company website

1. Controller of the data file

For data processing on the BLOCK company page on Instagram, BLOCK and Facebook are joint controllers within the meaning of Art. 26 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Joint controllers:

BLOCK Transformatoren-Elektronik GmbH, Max-Planck-Str. 36-46, 27283 Verden, phone: +49 4231 / 678-0, email address:


Facebook Ireland Ltd., 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2 Ireland 
For this purpose, Facebook has made contractual conditions available for BLOCK as the operator of the BLOCK company website on Facebook, which can be accessed at the following link:

2. Data protection officer

To protect their rights, every data subject can contact the data protection officer at BLOCK or Facebook. Since Facebook acts as the primary controller in accordance with the agreement between BLOCK and Facebook, it is recommended that requests be sent directly to Facebook. If support is needed or if other questions arise, the BLOCK data protection officer can of course also be contacted. 

The data protection officer responsible for BLOCK can be contacted at the email address

The data protection officer of Facebook Ireland Ltd. can be contacted using a form that can be accessed via the following link: .

3. Information about the processing of personal data by BLOCK

BLOCK collects and uses personal data on the BLOCK company page on Instagram within the framework of the requirements of Art. 6 Para. 1 GDPR or if another legal regulation permits processing. 

As the operator of the BLOCK company website, BLOCK receives statistical data (so-called "Insights") from Instagram. This data is available in an aggregated and anonymized form and does not allow BLOCK to draw any conclusions about the individual visitors to the BLOCK company website. BLOCK uses the Insights data on the basis of Art. 6 Para. 1 Clause f GDPR (legitimate interest) in order to make the information provided to visitors of the BLOCK company website attractive on a continuing basis and to align it with user interests. 

For further information regarding the collection and processing of Insights data by Facebook, please refer to the Facebook data protection declaration relevant for Instagram ( as well as to the page (see also further explanations on the processing of personal data by Facebook within this data protection declaration). 

Visitors to the BLOCK company website also have the opportunity to use interactive functions, such as the heart symbol or the comment function. This use generally requires the visitor to log into Instagram. With this use, personal data and information are visible for BLOCK and also for other visitors to the company website and a direct identification of a person can potentially be made. BLOCK has no influence on the interactive functionalities and the visibility of user activities on the BLOCK company website. 

At this point, we explicitly wish to point out that the BLOCK company page on Instagram can of course also be visited without using these interactive functionalities. 

The BLOCK company website also offers the option of contacting BLOCK by messaging. The information transmitted in this way is processed on the basis of Art. 6 Para. 1 Clause f GDPR (legitimate interest). BLOCK generally uses this information only for the purpose of answering inquiries in a targeted manner. 

The time period for which data processed by BLOCK as part of the operation of the BLOCK company page on Instagram is held available is based on the limited purpose and also based on any statutory retention periods. 

4. Information about the processing of personal data by Facebook on Instagram

Facebook processes user data for the purposes of advertising, creating user profiles and market research. For this, Facebook uses so-called cookies, which are stored on the end devices of users:

Facebook describes what information Facebook receives on Instagram and how it is used in its data policy, which can be accessed via the following link: Facebook has full access to the statistical data collected from the use of the BLOCK company website (so-called "Insights"; see also further explanations within this data protection declaration). 

When accessing an Instagram page, the IP address assigned to the end device used is transmitted to Facebook. Facebook stores information about the end devices of its users, which may make it possible to assign IP addresses to individual users. 

If users are currently logged into Instagram, there is a cookie with the personal Instagram ID located on the end device. As a result, Facebook is able to access and understand the type of use of the Instagram page. Via Instagram buttons integrated into Websites, Facebook is also able to record visits to these pages and assign them to the personal Instagram profile. This data can be used to offer personalized content or advertising. This button function is not possible by virtue of the integration of static links on the BLOCK website for Facebook. 

This can be avoided by logging out of Instagram or deactivating the "stay logged in" function, deleting the cookies on the device used, and exiting and restarting the browser. In this way, Instagram information by which the visitor can be immediately identified is deleted. By these means, the BLOCK company page on Instagram can be used without revealing the personal Instagram ID. When accessing interactive functions of the page (heart symbol, comment, share etc.), an Instagram login mask appears. After a possible login, one is once again recognizable for Instagram or Facebook as a specific visitor.

The parent company of Facebook Ireland Ltd. "Facebook Inc." is certified under the EU-US Privacy Shield. This is a commitment to adhere to European data protection guidelines. Further information on certification can be found here: status=Active.

Facebook provides users with information on setting options for managing user data at the following link:

BLOCK, as the operator of the company page on Facebook, cannot rule out that Facebook transmits user data to third countries and processes it there.

5. The rights of visitors

Visitors have the right to receive information about the processing of personal data concerning them as well as the information detailed in Art. 15 GDPR. If the data subject's personal data is incorrect or incomplete, the rectification or completion of this data may be requested (Art. 16 GDPR). If one of the reasons listed in Art. 17 GDPR exists, you have the right to request the immediate erasure of your personal data. Under the conditions of Art. 18 GDPR, the restriction of processing can be requested and according to Art. 20 GDPR, the right to data portability. 

Under the conditions of Art. 21 GDPR, you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data.

If you are of the opinion that the processing of the particular personal data violates provisions of the GDPR, a complaint can be submitted to a supervisory authority, for example, to the State Commissioner for Data Protection in Lower Saxony, Hannover, as the supervisory authority with jurisdiction for us (Art. 77 GDPR).