A particularly good business relationship is especially
based on personal interaction.

Dear Customers,

We warmly welcome you to the year 2022! 

Developing future-oriented innovations in close cooperation with research – is our passion. Our goal is to create the perfect technical solution for your application, hand in hand with you and using state-of-the art manufacturing technologies.

We find ourselves in a special time, facing special challenges. You and us. Hence, we have to find alternative solutions to keep the personal contact despite all circumstances – even without traditional attendance trade fairs. But we will see each other again soon – that's for sure. We are looking forward to it!

Because you are important to us! Always.

Yours sincerely,

Wolfgang Reichelt
Owner and CEO

Dipl.-Ing. Udo L. Thiel
Managing Director R&D, QM, Sales, Marketing

Lars Ullenboom
Managing Director Finance, Controlling

With our CoCreationCenter, interdisciplinary and fast to market-ready inductive
components that fit perfectly into your system construction.

Dr. Dennis Kampen

Our CoCreationCenter

The BLOCK CoCreationCenter is designed to be an ideas workshop where interdisciplinary teams work hand in hand on customer-specific solutions based on tried and tested processes. Our basic idea here is to develop expertise and innovation in the area of medium-frequency transformers and high-frequency inductors, and to facilitate a holistic approach towards completing research and development tasks. We engage in ongoing discussions with our customers during the entire development and testing process, as well as during prototyping through to serial production. We want to use this as an opportunity for our highly effective team of experts to get involved in our customers' development processes at an even earlier stage.BLOCK's Taid simulation software developed in-house forms an important part of this plan. 


Around 80% of our sales revenues are generated currently with individual customer solutions. These projects have shown us that there is no standard market software available to meet our high demands. However, with Taid we probably have the fastest and, at the same time, most precise calculation tool on the market available to us for inductive components. It enables us to develop and produce the exact product solution that our customers require. We will continue to develop this competitive advantage for the future.

These people participate in the CoCreationCenter

Christian Kliesch
Product Manager Mid and High Frequency Inductances

Sandro Perthel
Developer Mid and High Frequency Inductances,
Visions Industry and Railway

Thomas Butz
Developer Mid and High Frequency Transformers and Reactors

Paul Decaro
Developer Mid and High Frequency Transformers and Reactors

Brahim Boudebouch
Developer Power Quality and Reactors for Industry and Railway

Malek Besbes
Development Mechanical

What makes our Taid simulation software so special?

The three most important requirements that our customers have when it comes to products are high performance, a compact design, and low costs. Taid allows precisely these results to be achieved thanks to a sophisticated algorithm with very short calculation times. The products are already optimized within the program, thereby reducing the development loops. Electrical, magnetic, and thermodynamic calculations can be completed in under ten seconds. This means that dozens of alternatives can be calculated within one minute. This ensures that you reach your desired goals quickly, and you can also be sure that you have found the optimum solution.

„Well supplied with our innovative, reliable, and compact power supplies 
and electronic circuit breakers.“

Sebastian Winter

Our power supplies and electronic circuit breakers

BLOCK has one of the widest ranges available of switched mode power supplies, electronic circuit breakers, and uninterruptible power supplies. Essential standards are met primarily by products in the Power Vision, Power Compact, and Power Mini product ranges. Our  power supplies and circuit breakers are used in particular when high-performance, robust, and compact products are required and when a system needs to operate at maximum availability.


Our electronic product solutions are ready for use in Industry 4.0 as a result of their extensive features. Individual channels can, for instance, be controlled and switched remotely by connecting an electronic circuit breaker. Our switched mode power supplies are enhanced with compatible interfaces for comprehensive monitoring and control tasks. Integrated communication standards also support lifetime monitoring of the UPS modules and their energy storage units. 

Especially interesting:

Our portfolio of communicative circuit breakers of the EasyB series is now also extended by the new fast tripping characteristic.

This very year, we will also be launching our groundbreaking new power supply.
The best in its class.

Switched mode power supplies

Our customers benefit from our comprehensive standard range of switched mode power supplies for reliable supply of their machines and systems. 

Uninterruptible power supplies

Uninterruptible power supplies protect 24V supply voltage from unwelcome power failures.

Electronic circuit breakers

Electronic circuit breakers protect DC power circuits from overcurrent and short-circuit far more accurately than traditional miniature circuit breakers.

EasyB circuit breaker system

The modular 24V circuit breaker system is ideal for Industry 4.0 requirements. It guarantees protection for 24V control voltage levels, and both the system and its communication capabilities can be flexibly extended.

With extensive know-how and production capabilities, we are your reliable
development partner in the configuration and design of medium- and high-frequency inductive
components for high-performance, compact products.

Christian Kliesch

Our medium and high-frequency inductors

The perfect voltage and high switching frequencies generally require an individual solution. This is why we produce medium frequency inductors for powerful and compact products in accordance with customer-specific requirements and our high-quality standards. We also create high-frequency components for circuit boards, including in large quantities. We provide a high vertical range of manufacture and serve a wide range of applications based on our extensive expertise.


Weight and size are two of the most important factors for us when it comes to building a system that requires higher power outputs. The materials that we rely on for optimized construction volumes include premium materials such as ferrite, nanocrystalline, or amorphous cores.

Custom-made by BLOCK

You can be flexible and fast in responding to customer requests when the development, production, and certification all come from one source. This makes BLOCK a popular partner for numerous sectors in industry. The certified Development Center is the right partner for instance for an individual custom-made solution with demanding application areas, such as in railway and medical technology.

Air-cooled medium-frequency transformer with ferrite core or nanocrystalline core for high-power outputs of  50–500 kW. Our medium-frequency transformers with nanocrystalline uncut-core technology provide a high-power density of up to 10 kW/kg with forced air-cooling,  including at frequencies below 10 kHz.

Air-cooled ferrite reactor with HF litz wire winding for high frequencies of up to 200 kHz. Not only do our forced air-cooled reactors promise high-power outputs, they also provide significant cost and weight benefits compared with molded reactors with a heat-sink connection.

„We've expanded our Power Quality program with Future Winding technology
to include all-pole sine filters with a futuristic appearance.“

Denise Lehnen

Our Power Quality Program

Modern systems and facilities are becoming ever more complex and are being designed with an increasing amount of power and microelectronics as a result. We offer a comprehensive range of reactors and filters here in order to guarantee reliability, freedom from interference, and efficiency. This includes the filtering both for harmonic distortions as well as for high-frequency, conducted, and radiated emitted interference. The use of our Power Quality products protects motor insulation and increases system efficiency by reducing leakage currents.


We guarantee the best practice EMC solution for our customers' applications through our expertise at our in-house Research and Innovation center and a high vertical range of manufacture.
Power Quality winding materials, particularly solutions produced with the unique Future Winding technology, enable maximum power density through optimum cooling efficiency in compact installation spaces.

Now also certified in accordance with UL 508 and UL 5085

In addition to its futuristic design and efficiency, the Future Winding technology now also stands out through its UL-Listed certification. Find out more about this new certification here.

„Power Quality that lives up to its name: harmonic filters up to 1.6 MVA.“

Malte Heuermann

Our harmonic filters up to 1.6 MVA

Harmonic filters reduce current harmonics (THDi) to below 8% in order to comply with the limits required by standards. This protects the connected main from circuit feedback and increases the system's interference immunity. The increase in efficiency is achieved by reducing the reactive power consumption and the losses at the mains transformer. Using BLOCK harmonic filters decisively improves the Power Quality of your system, thereby significantly increasing reliability and system lifetime.


Developing a high-performance filter of this type above all requires comprehensive testing. Our in-house test laboratory BLOCKLAB is a major advantage here. It allows us to test our products thoroughly in order to ensure their reliability when facing environmental and operational stresses.

A summary of the most important points

◼︎  Compliance with Power Quality standards IEEE 519,
TEC 61000-3-2, IEC 61000-3-12

◼︎  Sinusoidal mains currents ensured

◼︎  Reduction in mains harmonic currents

◼︎  Increased system lifetime and system reliability

„EPLAN macros for your engineering. Our comprehensive range of transformers 
is fully in line with the new data standard.“

Andreas Reinhardt

Our transformers portfolio

BLOCK has been a strong partner to industry and commerce for more than 80 years in the winding materials sector. Our wide standard range of power, control, safety, isolating, and auto-transformers and our numerous customer-specific solutions, always ensure that our customers can make the right choice when building their system. And we can also deliver from one day to the next if things are really urgent.


Our development center with more than 80 employees, the latest technology, a high vertical range of manufacture, and an extensive materials and product warehouse help to ensure that we remain agile and flexible. All production steps take place at our facilities, meaning that our products are subject to the highest quality standards and undergo comprehensive end-to-end testing. This way, we supply any quantities of the perfect components to meet any customer requirement flexibly and quickly. 

USTE — now UL-Listed for transformers

The universal control transformers from the USTE series now have a UL-Listed certification and should therefore no longer be simply seen as components, since they can also be used by themselves without any further restrictions. This also makes it easier for customers to apply the NEC (National Electrical Code—NFPA 70). It means that BLOCK is taking a further decisive step towards ensuring customer safety.

„As your personal sales contacts at your premises, we welcome
the opportunity to discuss your upcoming projects.“

Veit Brämer

Global range

Well over 30 percent of our products are exported globally. With seven global BLOCK companies, four production sites, and 38 national and international agencies located all over the world, we successfully supply the international market with our products. Personal contact is absolutely crucial with all of this and is one of the most important factors in the satisfaction of our customers. This is why we have a large number of contacts available globally to provide advice. 

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