Power Compact Champ – our new single-phase power supplies

Universally applicable power supplies have to meet the most demanding requirements: challenging environmental conditions in terms of temperature range, shock and vibration, mains fluctuations and high-energy overvoltage pulses. With our Power Compact Champ (PCC) series, the focus is on the core functionality of a power supply – reliable supply even under demanding conditions. 

PCC combines all the features required to meet the demands of a wide range of applications and industries – a compact design with above-average electrical and mechanical robustness.

The advantages of our new power supplies

Universally applicable

With an AC input voltage range of 85 - 264 V and a particularly wide input voltage range for supply with DC voltage of 90 - 374 V, the Power Compact Champ power supplies can be used universally. 

They have been designed especially for challenging environmental conditions with regard to ambient temperature and installation height. The operating temperature range extends from -25°C to +70°C, with a safe start-up of the devices guaranteed from -40°C. In combination with a maximum installation altitude of up to 5000 m, there are virtually no limits to the worldwide applicability.

Optimally protected

To meet the challenges of worldwide power grids, the power supplies of the PCC series fulfill a doubling of the standard values up to 4 kV and overvoltage category III. The devices have a metal housing and a robust DIN-rail clip and can thus withstand high shock and vibration loads on the DIN rail. All connections are easily accessible on the front of the device and are designed using push-in connection technology to enable fast, tool-free wiring.

High power reserves

In case of high starting or inrush currents due to motors or capacitive loads, the constant current characteristic of the PCC power supply in overload operation enables universal use without restrictions. In addition, up to 150 % for 5 s and a static power reserve of permanently 110 % are available for the starting torque. Oversizing of the power supply, only due to increased, short-term load, is therefore no longer necessary.

The tripping of MCB’s also poses special challenges for a switched-mode power supply as a limited power source. The power supplies of the PCC series offer sufficient power reserves for the reliable tripping of MCB’s in the event of a short circuit.

Compact and efficient

The slim design of the power supplies saves space on the DIN rail and the reduced device depth enables use in compact control cabinets. Thanks to the use of efficient circuit topologies and optimized thermal design, the width of the 240 W devices has been reduced to 40 mm, and only 62 mm is required for 480 W devices.

The low power dissipation with efficiencies of up to 94.3 % and the resulting reduced heating, also leads to a longer service life of the power supply and also of the other components that are used together with the power supply in the same control cabinet. An efficient power supply reduces the amount of energy required for the control cabinet air conditioning and thus also contributes directly to reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions.