Redundancy modules

Redundancy modules from the BLOCK Power Eco Line and Power Compact product lines are used to uncouple two power supplies in order to establish a fail-safe supply network. With spring-loaded connection technology and compact plastic housing, the Power Eco Line is the cost-effective solution for small-scale requirements. Based on MOSFET technology, Power Compact redundancy modules feature a high efficiency factor. Power Compact redundancy modules from BLOCK perform demanding plant and mechanical engineering tasks thanks to their full compatibility with Top Boost and Power Boost.


Power Eco Line:

◼︎ LED signaling
◼︎ Spring-loaded connection technology
◼︎ ePlan

Power Compact:

◼︎ Active operation for minimum power loss
◼︎ Compatible with Top Boost and Power Boost
◼︎ ePlan

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Image of BLOCK Item: PC RE
Redundancy module Power Compact
PRI 24/48 Vdc, SEC 24/48 Vdc, 40 A, Power Good via relay contact and LEDs
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Version Input rated voltage Output rated current
PC-0648-400-0 48 Vdc 40 A
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