Inductors for PCBs

Anywhere voltage is required, inductors are used. High-frequency inductors are used in the form of power transformers for galvanic isolation in switch mode power supplies, as storage reactors in boost converters, or as current-compensated reactors for minimizing disruptions. BLOCK can deliver this in various designs: whether that be open, encapsulated, in a housing, with ferrite toroidal core, or nanocrystalline wound core.

As an experienced development and production partner, we can not only bring our know-how in designing components to bear, but can also produce samples at our headquarters in Germany quickly and flexibly. We also deliver high piece quantities with selected partners. When doing so, we always ensure a high level of quality of the printed circuit board inductors through our very own quality testing department.

Compact and robust passive components for the power electronics of the next generation

High-frequency switching increases the temperature in the winding and core of the filter components used in the frequency converter. The use of silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN), as well as new wide-bandgap (WBG) semi-conductor materials, leads to a reduction in the required energy content with increasing frequency. Findings from interdisciplinary research projects in the field of SiC and GaN applications enable BLOCK to devise reactors for high switching frequencies. Our development center thus initiates a substantial size reduction of the inductive filter components. Compact and robust inductors in large systems can thus be achieved.

Current-compensated reactor

For 1–4-phase current-compensated toroidal reactors for PCB assembly up to 100 A and for 100 mH, highly permeable ferrite toroidal cores or nanocrystalline wound cores are used depending on the application.

Ferrite storage reactor

For very large currents of up to 200 A, with a simultaneously large DC component, a low-capacitance edgewise winding technology is used at BLOCK for the production of customer-specific ferrite storage reactors. At high frequencies with a high DC component, HF stranded wire is used.

Power transformer

BLOCK uses special design technologies for very high currents in customer applications for power transformers for printed circuit boards. If required, the drafting of special coil bodies and housings is possible.


Upon request, we can deliver a class B UL insulation system for 130°C or class F for 155°C.