Corona virus: Information on the current situation at BLOCK

Dear Sir or Madam,

Against the background of the increasing number of worldwide corona virus infections and the resulting consequences for the economic situation in China and worldwide, we would like to inform you about possible effects on our supply chain. 

At the moment we can confidently say that possible delays in the inflow of goods to and from China will be limited to this area. We are monitoring the development with great attention and are in close contact with our suppliers. Our purchasing department is continuously working to find alternative routes and service providers to ensure a seamless and on-time supply chain. A positive aspect in this context is that many of our material suppliers in China have fully resumed production. 

As a precautionary measure, we have also taken the following steps to help contain the spread of the virus:

  • There is a ban on all BLOCK employees travelling to/from China on business trips and on employees in China travelling to other countries on business trips.
  • Our BLOCK plant in China / Kunshan, over 800 kilometers away from the critical metropolis Wuhan, was closed for the Chinese New Year. 
  • Our local staff did not leave Kunshan during this time. 
  • Given the situation, we extended the New Year holidays for the workforce. 
  • We are in close contact with the authorities and have carried out all the required measures. Currently we are only waiting for the governmental approval to resume operations at our Chinese production facility.

Here, our in-house vertical range of manufacture is proving its worth and allows us to act extremely agile and flexible in this situation, in order to counteract emerging bottlenecks of our suppliers. In all our factories we have an extensive stock of primary materials as well as standard products. We are therefore well prepared for current and planned production orders in the coming weeks.

Should the situation change and shortages become foreseeable, we will inform you immediately. 
For further questions please contact your known contact persons. 


With kind regards,

BLOCK Transformatoren-Elektronik GmbH

Dipl.-Ing. Udo L. Thiel
Managing DirectorBLOCK Transformatoren-Elektronik GmbH
Managing Director BLOCK Electronics (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.


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