80 years of BLOCK – the company grounds become a place for celebration

BLOCK celebrated its 80th anniversary on Sunday August 25, 2019 with a large party. Around 2,000 employees and relatives enjoyed the festivities in bright sunshine, with music, food and drinks, plenty of attractions for children, and helicopter flights over Verden. Many of the guests were very interested in the guided tours of the company, where BLOCK presented itself in all its diversity and provided interesting insights into the Development Center and production processes. In his opening speech, owner and CEO Wolfgang Reichelt expressed his gratitude and emphasized the importance he attaches to the company’s success. He noted that just 16 percent of companies make it past 80 years, and that he was very proud of BLOCK’s achievement here. He was also delighted to mention the support he has received from many different sides in Verden. He also thanked the team that organized the party, and thanked his wife, Marlis, for supporting him over the years and helping to determine BLOCK’s fortunes. “The fact that the company continues to prosper and that jobs remain secure is important for the future. We’ll do everything we can to ensure this”, promised Reichelt.

The Mayor of Verden, Lutz Brockmann, also gave his congratulations, stating that Wolfgang Reichelt had transformed BLOCK into a global company with vision and energy during the 48 years of his leadership. “I hope that this life's work will continue successfully in the future”, said the Mayor.

80 years of BLOCK – a success story based on a fascination for electronics and technology.

This year BLOCK celebrates its eightieth anniversary as a company – innovative strength, entrepreneurial vision as well as a clear enthusiasm for the industry have turned the once small company in Verden into an international company with more than 1,200 employees worldwide. This is why company owner Wolfgang Reichelt is looking in one principal direction: further ahead into the future.

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