BLOCK globally

Our products are the first choice in many countries where power supply interfacing is concerned. Well over 30 % of our deliveries are exported to destinations throughout the world. This being the case, it goes without saying that precise knowledge of the technical requirements and standards of individual countries is a must. This is why all the key national and international marks of conformity are applied to BLOCK products. With seven global BLOCK companies, four production sites, and 38 national and international agencies located all over the world, we successfully supply the international market with transformers, power supplies, reactors, and EMI filters. Numerous contacts are available to provide advice on the perfect voltage solution for our customers all over the world.

38 locations globally

800 employees globally

4 production sites

7 foreign companies

Production sites

BLOCK Germany

BLOCK Germany

Factory 1, Verden
The production site has been operating in Max-Planck Strasse since 1987. With just two production halls initially, it now features six halls and 30,000 m2 of production space.