Electronic circuit breakers

Integrable in the complete management and monitoring process.

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Electronic circuit breakers are used for selective protection of DC circuits. They protect circuits against overcurrents and short circuits with a much higher degree of precision compared to classic circuit breakers.

  • Reliable switch-on of high capacities (> 50.000 μF)
  • Group alarm signal for simple diagnosis
  • Optimum tripping characteristic for any application
  • Sequential and load-dependent switching-on of channels
  • Adjustable tripping current per channel
  • Comprehensive single-channel diagnosis
  • Remote switch-on/off of any channels
  • Remote reset of tripped channels

BLOCK circuit breakers minimise space requirements to only 5.25 mm per channel for all 8-channel units.

Electronic multi-channel circuit breakers

The product lines Power Compact and Power Mini offer robust and compact electronic circuit breakers with thermomagnetic characteristic or active current limiting. Thanks to adjustable tripping currents via PLC the start-up time of your system can be reduced significantly. With the new IO-Link interface, analysis and real-time data can be retrieved at any time.


Optimum tripping characteristic for your application

ECONOMY circuit breakers with a thermomagnetic characteristic represent an economical alternative to classic circuit breakers. The current is measured much more accurately, therefore a high tripping current needed for magnetic instantaneous tripping of classic circuit breakers is not necessary. The BASIC units are ideal for sensible loads. Thanks to active current limiting the faulty current paths are reliably switched off without affecting the remaining circuits.

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ECONOMY REMOTE - particularly suitable for standard machine production

The start-up time of a production machine is shortened thanks to adjustable tripping currents being transmitted
directly through the PLC. The economical REMOTE circuit breaker thus prevents non-authorised current value
changes in the equipment.

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