EasyB - The modular 24 V circuit breaker system

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The modular 24 V circuit breaker system of the EasyB series offers its users an explicit added value by numerous equipment versions and extensive accessories in addition to the tailored circuit protection. The circuit breaker modules, optionally with communication interface, can be operated individually or create one electrical and mechnical unit by attaching them to each other. With a width of only 12 mm, flexibility and space savings are two big advantages of EasyB. The system doubles space saving with the new 2-channel circuit breaker. It combines two independent protection channels within the same enclosure. Installation and wiring are significantly easier since the signal terminals are connected automatically by attaching them. For power circuits in which more than two loads are to be supplied, output distribution modules with eight additional outputs are available. Besides the Modbus RTU, the new IO-Link module is available for communication purposes.

Therefore, the automation and digitization of production processes are increasingly ensured and a complete monitoring of the 24 V level according to the principles of Industry 4.0/IoT is established.

Overview of EasyB modules

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Protection channels

  • 1 or 2 protection channels
  • optional available with communication interface
  • optional available preset or adjustable tripping currents
  • optional available with thermomagnetic or current limiting characteristic

Communication modules

  • with Modbus RTU or IO-Link interface

Output distribution modules

  • up to 3 output distribution modules can be attached to each circuit breaker without interrupting internal communication

Ground distribution modules

  • 0 V 4 or 8 terminals for 0 V feedback

2-pole physical isolation

  • In the event of overloading and short circuiting, the current flow through the load output transistor in the circuit breaker is stopped