The basic power supply

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The economic Power supplies in the Power Compact series set new standards in their class. Above-average robustness against transient overvoltages and equipped with essential additional aspects for a worldwide high plant availability.

  • Resistant to transient overvoltages up to 4 kV
  • Fast tripping of standard bi-metal circuit breakers
  • DC OK signal contact
  • Push-in terminals
  • Parallel operation
  • Robust DIN rail mounting

Optional Power Boost

For the 2 and 3-phase devices, versions are available with 50 % power reserves for starting up loads with high starting currents.

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Resistant to transient overvoltages up to 4 kV

BLOCK Power Compact power supplies possess above-average insensitivity to transients and high-energy interference pulses at the supply input.

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