SFA 500

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All-pole sine filters solve EMI problems on frequency inverters

Due to the increase in system networking and in light of Industry 4.0, high-frequency interference pulses pose a constant risk for communication across the entire production process.
Not only does the new SFA 500 all-pole sine filter series from BLOCK solve a multitude of such EMI problems, it also increases the efficiency of drive systems controlled by frequency inverters.

SFA 500 Highlights 

  • Compact Design
  • Use of extremly long motor cable lenghts possible
  • Significant reduction of leakage currents
  • Elimination of bearing currents
  • Efficiency optimisaton of the drive system

Optimum filter efficiency

The new SFA 500 all-pole sine filter series efficiently filters differential and common mode interferences. Through the connection to the intermediate circuit of the frequency inverter, the common mode currents flow back to the source. This is highly effective at preventing this high-frequency interference current from spreading across the equipotential bonding system.

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