23. to  27. April 2018


The age of Integrated Industry is standing at the door. Energy systems will be digitally controlled. Mature Industry 4.0 technologies are hitting the market. HANNOVER MESSE will drive this development even further - with a record number of examples of concrete applications.

Visit us in Hall 13, Stand C34.

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Future Winding - BLOCK’s 4D PowerCoil Technology opens up new dimensions for performance optimization of inductive winding products.

 We invite you to join us in thinking in new dimensions at the Hannover Messe. Enhance your system with BLOCK's range of innovations for Transformers, Power supplies and power quality.

BLOCK’s new in-house developed winding technology 4D PowerCoil is taking performance optimization of inductive winding products into a new dimension. The extraordinary variability in the design of the winding structure comes with a number of benefits for winding products:


exceptional heat dissipation achieved by our new winding technology

Low losses

reduced proximity effect due to optimized winding structure
Free style

BLOCK winding technology allows free geometrical shaping

Long life

maximum reliability with a minimum of insulation materials

Potential Control

controllable field distribution for low partial discharge

High current density

highest current densities achievable due to expanded winding surface


24 V / 40 A USV - A new level of availability

The new 40 A uninterruptible power supplies ensure reliable availability of safety-critical systems in the case of power failure. The system secures 12 V, 24 V and 48 V systems, either battery-powered or with capacitive energy storage.

Battery-powered UPS:

• Suitable for 24 V and 12 V applications
• 5 A charging current ensures fast availability
• Battery start-up without mains power
• Parameter setting via interface and rotary switch

Capacitive UPS:

• Easy to expand by adding capacitive modules
• High power density
• Maintenance-free
• Parameter setting via interface and rotary switch

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