The requirements for transformers have changed. The 2020 agenda and the feed-in tariff for renewable energy demand new solutions from the industry. At the same time, pressure on costs has increased. Technical challenges are setting new goals, alternative materials can save weight, and cooling systems can limit the construction volume. Therefore, BLOCK has developed appropriate technologies for you. Now it’s your turn – it’s your choice.



Compact - up to 50% size reduction through integrated cooling.

COMPACT AND COOL: The integrated BLOCK FLUID-TECHNOLOGY allows a significant reduction in construction volume. Connecting this technology to existing cooling systems allows for the use of various coolants without problems.

***no title***CORE-TECHNOLOGY


Efficient - up to 50% fewer total losses through optimal materials usage and core shape.

EFFICIENCY UP TO THE LIMIT: Best material quality, intelligently designed core forms, optimal winding structure. With the CORE-TECHNOLOGY, BLOCK combines materials and technique in a transformer of very high efficiency.

***no title***ALU-TECHNOLOGY


Reasonable - up to 25% lower cost through high-quality aluminium winding.

THE MAXIMUM ECONOMY: The BLOCK ALU-TECHNOLOGY reduces costs with a high-quality aluminium winding and reduces the overall weight.

***no title***