LED Driver – reliable and durable

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LED drivers are especially designed for LED lights in outdoor areas and exposed locations where highest reliability and durability are a must. With an optional dimming feature, output current selection switch and extremly wide output voltage range they provide the possibility to equip many different lights with just a few types of LED drivers.

Extremely durable

The economic LED drivers of the PLED series set standards in their class. They provide outstanding performance against transient overvoltages and therefore are extremely reliable and durable. LED drivers are the first choice no matter if simple switching or dimming is necessary.

High service life

Very high efficiency, a highly sophisticated topology and the right component dimensioning lead to a very high service life of more than 50.000 h at maximum ambient temperature up to 60 °C.


In addition to an output current selector switch with two positions the LED drivers provide dimming via an optional 1-10 V interface. With this interface the output current can optionally be set passively by an external resistor or actively with a separate control unit. The range for setting the output current varies from 10-100 %.
The 1-10 V interface provides a reinforced insulation against line input as well as LED output, thus providing total flexibility when installing dimming controllers in the driver.

LED protection against overtemperature

To protect the LEDs against overtemperature an external NTC can be connected to the driver. When exceeding the maximum temperature the driver reduces the output current to 50 % of the adjusted LED currents, thus safely preventing the LED from overheating.

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Resistant to transient overvoltages up to 6 kV

LED drivers are extremly robust against transient overvoltages and other energetic pulses at the mains input. EN 61000-4-5 conform they resist overvoltages up to 6 kV while switched on and off. Additionally the drivers provide an equipotential contact for an optimised protection of the connected LED against capacitive transmitted energy pulses to the LED. The equipotential contact only needs to be connected to the LED heat sink with a metal screw.

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